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El D's debut self titled EP displaying a wide scope of styles and influences in six songs. All born out of the blues and reaching in different directions. The record was tracked live with a core trio of guitar, bass and drums at the DeOrazio's home in New Orleans, allowing the band to really take their time and have fun playing the songs without the the constraints of time and money. The band is especially excited about and grateful to the guests that contributed their time and considerable talent to the songs. Keith Burnstein is an accomplished songwriter and keyboard player and good friend of El D's and they've performed many times together in each other's bands as well as on other bands gigs. Raul Gomez is another good friend of El D's and an accopmplished conductor and violinst in the classical world. He currently plays violin for the LPO as well as guest conducting orchestras in the New Orleans region. Expect to see more collaboration involving Raul in both El D's band and Sweet Jones. Another good friend is Greg Speck on accordion. El D and Greg have played many gigs together in other bands. Greg comes to New Orleans from upsate New York where he still leads one of the few cajun/zydeco bands in that area. He excels at cajun/zydeco styles accordion in addition to Eastern European styles. Lee Johnson spent a day and a half in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, so naturally El D put his little brother to work recording an extraordinary sax part for Baby What You Do. Lee is a very accomplished sax/ keyboard player in North Carolina where he leads his own band. El D did the final mix and mastering with Michael Seaman at Listen Up Studios in New Orleans.

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